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Making images for the web can be fun, especially if you have some experience using an image editor like Photoshop. If that seems daunting or not really your cup of tea, you are in luck. There are numerous web sites that offer free images and a couple that offer free custom images. There are also online image editors that are fun and easy to use.

Free Images

Free web images are easy to find: let your favorite search engine do the job. Here is a Google link for free web images (pops up new window). Try doing a similar search at other sites like Yahoo or Altavista or a meta-search site like Dogpile (all new windows). The Cabrillo College Library web site has a web pages with links to some search engines, some meta search engines, and search lists.

Free Custom Images

Want some free custom images? Try out http://www.cooltext.com/ and
http://www.flamingtext.com/. Follow their online directions; it is fun and easy.

Online Image Editors

There are online image editors too! Here are a couple that look like fun as well as a search link. The price is right too...

A very full featured editor with layers, filters, and many of the other tools found in commercial software.
Resize and edit your images in a simpler interface, just the ticket for a quick resize.

Or pick your own editor with a link to a Google search.

There are so many resources available, try a search!

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