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Internet History in Brief Terms - a tiny missive

The all important HTML skeleton.
See more specifics for the HTML5 Skeleton.

Anatomy of an HTML tag.
Anatomy of HTML5 tags.

Some good ideas about HTML file naming.

HTML basic text formatting.

Viewing source code and leaving comments the viewer will not see.

HTML Lists

The Anchor Tag

URLs and Paths

Table Basics

Table Attributes

Build a Bulletproof Table - courtesy of John Govsky

Layout and Style


Meta Tag Basics

Special Characters

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS Basics

CSS Syntax

Basic CSS Properties

Classes and IDs, Pseudo Classes

CSS Box Model

Using Local Styles to set page colors.

Validate your CSS

Images and Color

Image tags and file types

More attributes for images.

Body attributes to change page background and text colors (Deprecated but you will see this code in legacy pages. Use CSS instead, much better.)

HTML Validation

Validating your pages with the W3C.

Shortcut: Bits of code to keep the validator and your instructor happy.

Here is another validator that may be less cryptic than the W3.org validator; http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/validator/


For multi-platform users, Filezilla, open source software ported to most platforms.

For Mac OS X users, upload to Webhawks.org with Fetch, Cyberduck, or Fugu.

For Windows users, upload to Webhawks.org with CoreFtp.

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