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Exercise three has four parts.

  1. Open the file (ex2.html) you made in Exercise Two with your text editor and add in the lines of code which will allow the w3c.org html validator to check the page.
  2. Use your FTP client to upload ex2.html to your web space.
  3. Navigate via the internet with your web browser to your web space, view and validate ex2.html online.
  4. Fill out the exercise feedback form and you are done!

Remember to take Quiz 3 and contribute to the topic related discussions on Blackboard Learn+ as well.

If you wish, watch a demo of exercise three on youtube at the following link:


For HTML5:

For HTML5, copy/paste the complete HTML5 skeleton from one of the skeleton pages and then add the validation links from the Happy Validator Lines of Code page.

Add Code for xHTML Validation if working in that HTML version

Visit the validation tutorial in the tutorials section. It has more detailed instructions than this shorthand version.

Note: Steps one and two are redundant if you used the HTML5 skeleton from the last exercise. The validator links in step three are needed in any case.

  1. Copy and paste this line of code before the opening <html> tag. (HTML5 instructions below)

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    This line of code lets the browser know which version of HTML it is interpreting and the HTML validator know which version of HTML it is checking. It is important that it not indented and on the first line of the document to please Internet Explorer.
  2. Copy and paste this line of code between the <head></head> tags*.

    <meta charset="utf-8">

    This line of code lets the validator and browser know which particular set of text you are using to write your code.
    *We are using this line of code since the webhawks.org server supplies it in the header of the file. For other servers, indicate the character set you are using.
  3. Copy and paste this section of code just before your closing body tag (</body>).

    <!-- validator code using text links -->
    <a href="http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer">Validate HTML</a>
    <a href="http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer">
    Validate CSS</a>
    <!-- end validator code using text links -->

    This code places a link to the W3C.org HTML validator (similar to the link at the bottom of this page) making it easy to check your page.
  4. Resave your ex2.html file with these additions. Now it is ready to upload.

These lines of code will be needed for all your exercise pages. Basically, all this is to keep the W3C.org validator happy and make it easy for you to troubleshoot your page. There are other validators available; we will stick with the w3c.org since they are the "keepers of the code."

Upload Your Page

Cabrillo has set up a web server (webhawks.org) for students to upload their projects. This space is reserved for your HTML and image files for this class and those only. It is not a storage space for other classes.

  1. Use your FTP client(the multiplatform Filezilla, Fetch, Cyberduck, or Fugu for the Mac, CoreFTP Lite for the PC) to navigate to your personal class directory at the Webhawks.org server. The tutorials for them have detailed instructions for logging onto the server.
  2. Open the "public_html" directory in your web space and upload ex2.html into it.

View and Validate

Your ex2.html file is in a directory on webhawks.org that is named the same as your login (or user) name. To view ex2.html, use this address in your browser:
Of course, substitute your own user name.

  1. View ex2.html with your browser and click on the "Validate this Page" link that is on your page.
  2. If your page does not validate, read the error report to find out why. Correct the errors, upload your page anew, and revalidate your page. When it comes back with no errors, you are done!

Exercise Feedback Form

In review, the requirements for exercise three are as follows.

  1. Add the lines of code to ex2.html to keep the validator and your instructor happy.
  2. Use your FTP client to upload your ex2.html file to your web space on webhawks.org.
  3. Troubleshoot your page and validate it as instructed.
  4. Go to the feedback form for exercise three, fill it out, send it, and you are done. Good work!

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Find Exercise Three Feedback Form on Blackboard

Exercise feedback forms not available between semesters.

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