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Exercise Two Overview

Exercise Two has three parts. There are more detailed instructions below this first list. Remember to take Quiz 2 and contribute to the topic related discussions on Blackboard Learn+ as well.

  1. Create an HTML file named ex2.html (or ex2.htm) with a text editor and save it to your hard disk. Use these basic formatting HTML tags to write two headings and three paragraphs (or more) about the topic you are considering for your final project.
  2. Use your web browser to view your HTML file and troubleshoot any problems. Save your HTML file to upload next week.
  3. Fill out the exercise two feedback form and you are done!

In case you need it, view a demo of exercise two on youtube.com


Create a File

  1. Open up your text editor; use NotePad++ or TextPad for the PC, or TextWrangler for the Mac for this first exercise.
  2. In the Menu: File > New (New Text Document)
  3. You will be given a blank document; save it to a folder on your hard drive with the name ex2.html. Use the folder you have chosen to contain all of your exercise files. Remember where you have saved ex2.html.
  4. Now add the HTML skeleton tags to your file; all tags in correct order. You may copy and paste them from the code below or from the code on the tutorial page.This is a good time to reflect that the browser reads your HTML file from left to right and top to bottom. That is why the order is important.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">


  5. Type in the title of your page between the <title></title> pair; something like "My_first_name's Final Project Ideas (ex2)" without the quotes.
  6. Between the <body></body> tags, type something like "My content for my project idea page will go here" and save your file.
  7. Proofread your file by viewing it in your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or...). In the browser menu: File > Open File... and guide the ensuing dialog box to the place you have saved your ex2.html file. Remember where you saved it? This is called viewing your file locally on your hard drive as opposed to viewing it over the Internet.
  8. You should be able to view your HTML file in the browser and see if it visually indicates any errors. A good indication that things are working is that you only see the text you put between the <body></body> tags displayed.
  9. Switch back and forth between your text editor and web browser; make changes in your html file, save them, and refresh your view in your web browser to view the changes.
  10. Add the two headings and three paragraphs mentioned above about your final project thoughts. Think early and often about your final project, it is coming up faster than you think!
  11. When all looks correct, save your file to upload next week!
  12. Technically, there is no page to upload this week, so a feedback form might seem like overkill. Please fill it out anyway.

Exercise Two Grading

Exercise Two is worth fifteen points, here is the breakdown.

Fifteen Points
Feedback form turned in on time (September 13) with one of the first two choices checked in the "Exercise Status" section.
Eight Points
Feedback form turned in on time (September 13) with "I didn't try at all" checked in the "Exercise Status" section.
Zero Points
Any other outcome.

Find Exercise Two Feedback Form on Blackboard

Exercise feedback forms not available between semesters.

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