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Exercise One Overview

  • Fill out the online Student Questionnaire survey form on Blackboard.
  • Post to Week One of the Discussions, the online component of this class and attach your photo to your introductory posting
  • Go over the material on the briefest look at the Internet page
  • Take Quiz 1 on Blackboard
  • Familiarize the use of the exercise feedback form and use it


  1. Your first assignment it the easiest one: fill out the online Student Questionnaire set up on the Cabrillo College installation of Blackboard Learn+ (http://cabrillo.blackboard.com/, look for DM 60 - 90725 under your "Course List"). This Questionnaire lets me know a bit about your computing history, grade type preference, nicknames, and any other factoids I should know about you.

  2. Join the online Discussions located on Blackboard by posting to the "Introductions" forum. Just a reminder: you will be earning 10% of your grade in the online Discussions and you have a limited time to do it.

    In your "Introductions" posting, tell us something about your goals for this class. Then add your legible picture to your Discussion posting. Make sure the image file is 100k or less. Putting names to faces is a great way to personalize this class.

    The photo added to your Discussion posting is mandatory.

  3. Read and check out some links at the very short Internet History page
  4. Under the Assessments link at Blackboard, you will find Quiz 1. Take it.
  5. Use the link to Blackboard below, login and fill out the Exercise One Feedback Form. You will be sending me a message via a Blackboard form for every assignment; this is the first. Remember that the exercise forms are only checked once per week; for more pressing communications, use the contact form to send email that is checked every day.


The early weeks of this class are usually hectic so this first assignment is easy and not very time consuming. The class assignments are very important; each class of learning/work builds off of the last class. Missing an assignment is like trying to climb a ladder with a missing rung; doable but awkward.

Exercise Grading

Exercise one is worth 15 points, here is the breakdown.

  • Fill out Student Questionnaire - 4 points
  • Add to the "Introductions" forum on Blackboard Discussions, attach your photo to your posting. - 4 points
  • Take Quiz 1 - 3 points
  • Send in this homework feedback form - 4 points

Find Exercise One Feedback Form on Blackboard

Exercise feedback forms not available between semesters.

Heading One
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Heading Three
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