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Topics for Week 3, during the week beginning September 14

We have created a page in a text editor and viewed/proofed it in a web browser, now we upload it with an FTP client to our webhawks.org web space to publish it for everyone to see. FTP clients serve one function for us; uploading a web file from our hard drive to the hard drive on the server. Some FTP clients can auto-upload, auto-update, and backup files too; pick the one(s) that works for you.

Validating your web pages will assure you that you have written Standards Compliant Code, which means your web page should "render" (look) the same in every brand of browser. Standards Compliant Code use encourages web browser makers to "follow the rules" and eschew the use of browser-specific proprietary tags. In other words, it makes life easier for all of us.

An important thing is to feel the rhythm of working on code, proofing in the browser, uploading with the FTP client, reproofing with the browser, and validating your page. Often you will loop between your text editor and browser as you build and edit the page. Then you will upload the page and see if being on the server “breaks” any of your work. More editing, re-uploading the file, proof again, and then validate.

You may get dizzy initially, switching between applications so rapidly. Relax. Once you do the “dance” a few times, it will become second nature to follow the steps.

Exercise for Week 3

If you wish, watch a demo of exercise three on youtube at the following link:

In addition to Exercise Three, practice making some lists. Exercise Four has you using nested lists to make an outline of your proposed final project on another page.

Notice that you may view your files on the web server in two differing ways now, via your web browser or your ftp client. Remember that only files you upload into the public_html directory in your webhawks.org web space can be seen by your audience.

Heading One
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Heading Two
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Heading Three
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