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The online Discussions, Quizzes, and your grades can be found on a Blackboard Learn+ server leased to Cabrillo College:
http://cabrillo.blackboard.com/ .

Blackboard Learn+ is an application which runs on a web server and allows teachers to post content for classes. One nice feature is that you may log on to the server and see your grades, but no one else will see yours. Another is the online Discussions board which is limited to our class(es). Blackboard Learn+ also has a mail system that can be used as well as conventional email.

Logging on to the Blackboard Learn+ Server

When you reach the Cabrillo Blackboard Learn+ Server, you will need to enter a login name and password. Your login name is the first two letters of your first name, the first four letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your Cabrillo College ID number (the one on your registration receipt).

For hypothetical student Mary Scholar whose CC ID is 987654321, her login name would be: mascho4321

The password is the one you use at the Computer Technology Center, in the DM classrooms, or elsewhere on the Cabrillo Campus LAN. The first time you lookup your account, you will need your full name and Cabrillo College ID number. During that initial login, whether Cabrillo LAN or Blackboard Learn+, you will choose your own password.

This web form allows you to activate/set your password for your campus computer network account, Blackboard account, and Hawknet wireless network account.

On to the Blackboard Learn+ server: http://cabrillo.blackboard.com/ .

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