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DM 60 - Web Publishing 1: HTML and CSS

Fall 2015 Online at Cabrillo College
Instructor: Wally Parham
Email: waparham(at)cabrillo.edu - Note replacement of @ symbol.
Location: Online
Day/Time: All Week, Anytime


DM 60 explores HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) up to Level Three. DM 60 also looks back (briefly) at (X)HTML, HTML4, and HTML3.2. You will run across these earlier versions of HTML when updating client websites or creating HTML-Email campaigns which require the earlier versions of HTML to work.

Other DM 60 topics include site organization; image manipulation and optimizing; troubleshooting; and having fun. DM 60 is a class for students with moderate computer skills but new to web publishing. It is not recommended as a first computer class.

Prerequisite: DM 1 or equivalent skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate web technologies and standards and critically assess code and tools used in the production of user-centered, functional websites published on a web server.

Class Web Site

All class materials, schedule, exercises, tutorials, and resources are found at the class web site: http://art.wallyzone.com/dm60a/.


Cabrillo College Distance Education uses an online class delivery system called Blackboard Learn+™. DM 60 uses Blackboard for weekly quizes, discussion assignments, and a listing of your grades. Log into Cabrillo's installation of Blackboard here: https://cabrillo.blackboard.com/

Recommended Software

Three types of software will be needed for this class: a web browser, at text editor, and an FTP client.

  • Web Browser: Use an up to date web browser, it will be able to render your cutting edge code most accurately. Current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer 9+ will work well.
  • Text Editor: Most operating systems come with rudimentary text editors (the better to open those READ ME FIRST files), there are many better choices that are also free. Often recommended for the Windows operating system is NotePad++ (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/), for the Mac is TextWrangler (http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/index.html).
  • FTP Client: FTP (file transfer protocol) is the method uses to transfer files from your computer to the web server that holds your HTML and supporting files. There are many free FTP clients available, Filezilla is one that has versions for all operating systems.

While most use Window's PCs or Mac computers, HTML is a language that is platform agnostic. Any computer that has a web browser and a connection to the Internet should be able to read your web pages. You can also make web pages from while using about any operating system.

Required Text*

Learning Web Design, 4th Edition
A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics
By Jennifer Niederst Robbins
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: August 2012
Pages: 624
ISBN-10:  1449319270
ISBN-13:  978-1449319274
Note that this is the 4th edition; you will not be able to use an earlier edition for the class.

*You may not need the textbook if you are handy with web searches. We are only using it as a reference in this class.

Course Work/Grading

You will build two web sites for this class. One will contain your Weekly Assignments, they must be turned in on time. Most assignments consist of constructing and posting a web page demonstrating the HTML5 lesson for the class. The other site is your Final Project which must be uploaded and turned in for grading by December 13, 2015. The Final Project is a web site of at least five pages, see this page for more specific requirements. The Final Project should showcase your knowledge of HTML5 as well as your own individual style.

Grading will follow these guidelines
30% Assignments
40% Final Project
10% Weekly Quizzes
10% Participation in the online Discussions
10% Beta Testing/Critiquing Classmate Final Projects

Assignments, discussion postings, quiz attempts will not be accepted after their due dates. Each class assignment is a stepping stone building on the next to give you all the tools you need to make a wonderful final project. After you upload your class assignment, remember to use the associated exercise feedback form to officially "turn in" the assignment. The exercise does not receive credit without me getting the message from the turnin form!

The Final Project counts for 40% of your grade! While the weekly assignments can have a variety of looks, the final project needs a coherent "look and feel," a polished experience. Check here for the final project requirements. The most difficult aspect of the final project is deciding on a topic. Start thinking now. Today!

We will have ten quizes. Relax. These will be simple quizes whose purpose is to emphasize important concepts of HTML5.

Although I generally answer student email so quickly that it seems I don't have a life, I do. You will find that your classmates might have all the answers you need at our online Discussions. You may find that someone else has asked a similar question so you can find your answer more quickly. Or, you may be able to answer someone else's question. Explaining a concept to another helps clarify it for yourself. This is a "win3" situation for all involved. 10% of your grade is earned at the online Discussions.

This class has a very lively pace and a steady supply of assignments. If you are busy, taking the class for general interest, or do not need a letter grade, you may want to take this class on a pass/no pass basis. There is a place on the first few week's assignment turn in forms where you will indicate your preference. You have until to change your mind.

For a very detailed breakdown of the grading, check this page: http://art.wallyzone.com/dm60a/details/grades.shtml.

Lab Work

This class requires a computer and access to the Internet. The only software you need is a web browser to view your pages, a text editor to write the code for your web pages, and an ftp client to move your web files from your computer to the webhawks server. The good news is that there are plenty of freeware for all these tasks.

Web Space for Publishing

To publish your web pages, you need space on a web server for your files. Cabrillo provides http://webhawks.org, a web server for student use. You will have your own password protected directory for your web files. Your space is limited on this web server, please only upload your web files there. Of course, you are keeping a backup of your work on your removable media/drive, or computer hard drive, aren't you?

When planning the content for your assignments and final project, remember the educational nature of Cabrillo and this class. Hate, violence, adult themes, divisive politics, and other controversies are not appropriate topics. Would you be comfortable showing your assignments or final project to your grandmother? Or to a potential employer as a part of your portfolio?

Students Needing Accommodations:

Please let us know right away if you need (or anticipate needing) special accommodations. You may also indicate your special needs on the class questionnaire. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to insure equal access for students with verified disabilities. To determine if you qualify or need assistance with an accommodation, please contact Accessibility Support Center, Room 1073, (831)479-6379.

Courtesy and Respect

I intend to treat you with the utmost of courtesy and respect and request that you do the same for your classmates and me. Given the online nature of the class, most of our interactions will be on Blackboard Discussions. Be nice! You will find being helpful is fun too.


Get used to it. As with all web pages, these are subject to change.

Remember, make it fun!

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