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Welcome to the class schedule. You will find a long list of class "timeframes" and proposed subjects to be covered. Links to more information and tutorials, and links to exercises and their due dates are found on the individual class’s page.

If you are new to HTML coding, you may find it easier to follow the classes sequentially, they stack up like ladder rungs. Feel free to explore though.

The bottom of this table is where “The Latest” link in the top navigation takes you. You will find any late breaking news concerning the class there.

Exercises are due by 9 PM on the due date. You must fill out and send the exercise feedback form that is associated with each exercise by this due date to receive credit. This will indicate when you turned in the exercise and make grading more efficient.

Having problems with the exercises? Just a reminder that you may find your answer quickly at the online “Blackboard Discussions.” Give it a try!

As with most things web; this schedule is subject to change.
Proceed too far ahead at your own risk!

The Class Schedule

Class One, Week beginning Monday, August 31
Class introductions, brief Internet history, Blackboard
Class Two, Week beginning Monday, September 7
HTML skeleton, basic text structures, make your first page.
Class Three, Week beginning Monday, September 14
Upload to the server webhawks.org and validate your first page.
Class Four, Week beginning Monday, September 21
Make a “nested” list page to show your proposed final project outline. Make an index.html page.
Class Five, Week beginning Monday, September 28
Images: finding/making them, adding them to a web page, optimizing them.
Class Six, Week beginning Monday, October 5
Use inline styles to control colors of your web pages.
Class Seven, Week beginning Monday, October 12
Create inline styles, embedded and external style sheets.
Class Eight, Week beginning Monday, October 19
More styles.
Class Nine, Week beginning Monday, October 26
Class Ten, Week beginning Monday, November 2
Design and Layout elements.
Class Eleven, Week beginning Monday, November 9
Class Twelve, Week beginning Monday, November 16
Work on your final project.
Class Thirteen, Week beginning Monday, November 23
Meta tag and special character tutorials. Work on final projects.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Class Fourteen, Week beginning Monday, November 30
Work on final projects. Beta testing/critiquing commences.
Class Fifteen, Week beginning Monday, December 7
All final projects due December 13, 2015
Class Sixteen, Week beginning Monday, December 14
Beta testing/Critiquing classmate final projects, due December 16.

Latest Announcements

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Heading One
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Heading Two
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Heading Three
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