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The final project is a standalone website using the topic of your choice for content. The final project offers you the chance to show off your newfound skills to produce a polished product worthy of your portfolio. Start early and have fun with this project! Topic ideas I've seen in past semesters include:

  • Personal portfolios - Very popular with Digital Media majors
  • Sites for nonprofit organizations - Do good deeds, get real world experience, have content supplied... It doesn't get much better
  • Business - Including architectural concrete, jewelry, clothing/costumes, landscaping, book brochures, cooking, baking/bakery products (yumm...), bed and breakfast resorts, motel maintenance handbook, cleaning services; the list goes on. This class level supports business brochure type sites well but not e-commerce sites per se. That is the topic for another class/department, skills from this class will help you make your e-store attractive and easy to use.
  • Personal Interest - Chess, dinosaurs, movies (varying genres), travel, Burning Man, grandchildren, history, fix-it tips, genealogy, humor, politics, ecology, and so on. Almost any interest can make a great topic.
  • Art - Linear storytelling with accompanying graphics, logic-gate based storytelling, galleries of friends and families artwork, music, performance...

A caveat, consider the scope of your final project with consideration for the time constraints imposed by the semester timeframe. It is better to make a solid but simpler site than one with too many mistakes due to excess ambition. Or, as the saying goes,
"Don't bite off more than you can chew..."

All final projects must meet these minimum requirements

  • Mandatory folder structure: All files (Web pages, images, etc.) associated with your final project must be in one folder (although this final project folder may contain subfolders). Your final project folder must be inside your existing personal folder (public_html) in the class folder on the server. You may not use other Web space that you may have available to you outside of class for your final project except for large media files that you link to like MP3s or Quicktime movies.
  • Your links must use relative paths (with the exception of links to external sites, which of course need to be full URLs). This allows your final projects files to be put into service on any server and still retain functionality.
  • 5 pages minimum, 10 pages for maximum page point count.
  • A coherent content theme.
  • A site map, containing a link to every Web page of your final.
  • No JavaScript.
  • No Flash.
  • No use of WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • The final project feedback form on the course content page at Blackboard - https://cabrillo.blackboard.com must be submitted by the due date.

No final projects will be accepted late

To receive credit for the final, you must submit the final project feedback form on time. Failure to finish on time due to poor time management is not grounds for an incomplete.

How final project points are calculated

Skill demonstrated

10 points for each Web page, up to 100 points, that contains all of the following:

  • A unique, descriptive title between each page's <title> tags.
  • A look and layout (and content theme) that is consistent with all the other pages, including a specified (color or image) background.
  • A navigation scheme that contains a link to your project's home page, site map, and other main pages of your project. The navigation scheme must be consistent among all pages.
  • Validation links for HTML and CSS on each page. You may use the links in this validation tutorial or the graphical links that the w3.org provides.
  • Your mandatory site map page also counts as one of your pages.
30 For the use of an external style sheet, to control text formatting and page layout. This style sheet must validate and work.
10 2 points for each use of a different CSS ID or class in your style sheet, up to 10 points. A pseudo-class does not count as a class.

A CGI fill-in form that uses at least 3 of the following types of form tags:

  • <input type="text">
  • <input type="radio">
  • <input type="checkbox">
  • <textarea>
  • <select>

Link the action of the form to the namevalue.cgi script as was done in exercise ten. You also need submit and reset buttons to make the form work.

10 5 points for each table used, up to 10 points.
10 2 points for each image related to your site's content, up to 10 points. Cite where you obtained any images you did not created. Validator buttons and background images do not count.
10 5 points for each list (unordered, ordered, or definition) up to 10 points.
10 A link from your class assignments index page to your final project's home page.
10 For posting a link to your final project site in the Beta Testing/Critiques discussion in Blackboard for good ideas and congratulations from your classmates.
200 Total possible points
Errors that result in lost credit
-1 -1 point for each broken link.
-1 -1 point for each broken image.
-1 -1 point for each page not linked from your site map.
-2 -2 points for each page that does not validate according to the W3C's HTML5 standard as well as the CSS validator.
-5 -5 points for not following the mandatory folder structure outlined above.
-5 -5 points for not having at least 5 pages.
-5 -5 points for using JavaScript.
-5 -5 points for using Flash.
-15 -15 points for using a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

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