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Grading is based on the final project, exercises, tests, participation in the class online Discussions, and class participation. 500 points equals a perfect grade. Here is the percentage breakdown on how grades are calculated.

500-450  A  Credit
449-400 B
399-350 C
349-300 D No
299-0 F
  • 40% - Final project is worth 200 points - final projects are not accepted late.
  • 30% - The ten Exercises are worth 15 points each - exercises are not accepted late.
  • 10% - Tests - We have ten online Blackboard quizzes, they are worth 5 points each. Test content follows current topics.
  • 10% - Participation in the five topic related Discussions on Blackboard - There are five specific topic discussion threads within the Discussion area on Blackboard. They encourage your exploration of the web to expand your knowledge and techniques for each topic. Eight points per discussion topic posting, plus an additional two points for a reply to another's posting. Ten points possible for five topics equals fifty total points.
  • 10% - Beta Testing/Critiques for your classmates - Beta testing and critiquing provides an invaluable service to your classmates. Spotting a broken link, helping troubleshoot a problem page, seeing a misspelled word... sometimes you cannot do it all yourself. 5 points for each classmate you help with final project beta testing and/or critiquing; maximum of fifty total points. The beta testing/critiquing discussions will be held on Blackboard.

Although the final project has the majority of the available points, ignoring any of the elements of the class has the possibility of dropping your total by a whole grade. The keys to getting a top grade in this class are simple: turn in the assignments on time/on spec, take the quizzes, participate in discussions/beta testing/critiques, and have fun with your final project.

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