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You are at the web site for DM 60, Web Publishing 1: HTML and CSS. This class is taking place during the Fall 2015 Online semester at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. Your instructor is Wally Parham; please feel free to contact me using this handy form.

This web site contains the content for DM 60; the class installation for DM 60 on Cabrillo's Blackboard server houses the class quizzes, discussions, and a record of your class grades. By keeping the content separate from temporal portions of the class, you will have access to the resources anytime including post semester. The Blackboard portion of the class is shut down at the end of the semester.

You are often presented with options about your coding or procedures through the site; I may offer a tip or opinion about how I would do things. These are suggestions since you might find another way that works better for you. Many of the tips I give come from mistakes I have made (or still make!) and my desire for you is not to repeat them. So, keep an eye out for this styling…

Course Navigation

Navigation links in the top pull down menu (best experienced with a modern browser!), and bottom of each page will take you to the various areas of the class site. Please explore! Below are brief explanations for the navigation links.

The Home link always brings you back to this page.

Schedule links to the page that keeps us on track for the semester. It lays out the class schedule for the semester and the weekly assignments and due dates.

Exercises links to a page with a list of all assignments and associated “exercise feedback form” links that you will need to “turn in” each assignment.

The Class Details page has links to other site areas:

  • Syllabus as it sounds, goes to a page that lists requirements, expectations and overall grading for the class. You can also find the link to the page that has the final project requirements from the Syllabus.
  • Tutorials takes you to the list of basic tutorials that are referred to from the various class lessons and exercises. You will find other tutorials as well.
  • Resources are links to other sites with valuable help. This page will change periodically as links are added and updated.
  • Discussions links to the Web Publishing 1 online discussion forum instructions for our class. This area is a great way to find out answers and help others. Discussions are on the Cabrillo Blackboard Learning System server along with your grades.
  • Grades links to a page explaining the course grade requirements and guidelines in detail. We will be keeping your grades for the class on the Cabrillo Blackboard Learning System server along with online Discussions and Quizzes.
  • The Site Map has links to all other pages on the site. Always a good feature for web sites, and Google™ likes them too.
  • Webhawks Links is a page with links to all class members’ Webhawks.org web space. See what your classmates are creating!
  • The Print Friendly link changes the structure of the page to make it more suitable for printing.
  • The [an error occurred while processing this directive]Regular Text link toggles the size of the text on the web page. This is very useful for showing on the screen in class or if your eyes are tired from all of your studying.

The Blackboard Learn+ link takes you directly to the Cabrillo Blackboard server where you can access Discussions, Quizzes, and Discussions.

Contact takes you to a form that allows you to email me conveniently.

On the very top of each page are a link to the current assignment and a link to the Final Project requirements. Keep thinking about your final project!

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