DM 171: Week Thirteen - Group Project

Working In Groups

Dreamweaver includes the option of group work on web sites with other Dreamweaver users as well as setting up sites for Contribute users. Contribute is an Adobe/Macromedia product for content providers or web site owners who are not web site designers; it allows web page creation and modification but only within limited options that you, the designer, set up.

Dreamweaver Groups

Dreamweaver facilitates group work with other Dreamweaver users with the Check In and Check Out features that are activated when setting up the site. Successful projects however, require everyone “being on the same page” when it comes to site settings. Here are a few important items to remember:

  • This project requires you to set up a new site, not just make an addition to your other work.
  • Make sure to follow the site definition instructions exactly (see below).
  • Always use Dreamweaver to move and synchronize files instead of a third party product.
  • Work while online; changes made to your local files offline may overwrite other’s edits when your files synchronize.
  • Preview when synchronizing just in case!
  • Check files in initially after creating them; then check files out to work on them and check them back in when you are done!!! Just closing the file or quitting Dreamweaver does not automatically check the file back in, only when you do it manually. Dreamweaver writes “lock” files to the server indicating which files are in use and are only unlocked when you do it.
  • Leave Design Notes for others as well as reminders for yourself.
  • Have fun!

Homework Assignment

The best way to learn about Dreamweaver’s team site building capabilities is to participate in a group project.

You will contribute to a group project located at:

Use the site definition instructions listed below to set up Dreamweaver; this will be a new site. Use the main_template.dwt to make gallery pages inside of the directory with your name. You may attach additional style sheets if you wish, the template has an editable region in the head section. Make several gallery pages for your directory, link them together. Add something about yourself in the Contributor Notes page.

Due in two weeks.

Site Definition Instructions

Click on a tab to reveal its content…

  • Local Info
  • Remote Info
  • Design Notes
  • File View Columns

Local Information

Use the information for the fields numbered on the screen shot below to set up your group project site. Be aware that all the screen shots have been cropped severely since the Dreamweaver dialog boxes are so big.

  1. Site Name: What you wish to call the site, this name will appear in your sites drop down menu of the files panel as well as listed in the sites management dialog box.
  2. Local Root Folder: Your choice of where you wish to store your files (I've got mine on my desktop for convenience).
  3. Links relative to: Choose Site root since that will allow the navigation bar include file to work at all levels of the site.
  4. HTTP address: - Use this address for the field.

You are done on this panel, click on the next tab for remote info instructions.

screen shot of local info dialog panel with numbers next to fields

Remote Information

  1. Access: Choose FTP from the pulldown menu.
  2. FTP host:
  3. Host directory: public_html/ccs (in the screen shot from the Mac, the “/” looks odd)
  4. Login: dm171wally
  5. Password: obtain the password in class or email me. Test the connection to make sure it works.
  6. Check Use Secure FTP (SFTP)
  7. Check at least these three, especially Enable file check in and check out.
  8. Enter your name and email address in the Check out name and Email address fields.

Site definition dialog box, remote info panel

Design Notes

For the design notes panel, check both “Maintain Design Notes” and “Upload Design Notes for sharing.” These options will make sure that others see your notes and you see theirs.

Site definitsion dialog box, design notes panel

File View Columns

Choose these options for the in the File View Columns panel; they allow you and others to see the same view your files panel so you can see what is checked out and so on.

  1. Under the Name column, choose Notes and check Show under Options below.
  2. Click the “+” button at the top of the panel,
    in Column name: type Status
    in Associate with design note: choose status from the pull down menu
    in Align: choose Left
    for Options: check both Show and Share with all users of this site
    use the up arrow at the top of the panel to move the Status column under Notes
  3. Select Checked Out By and check Show under Options
  4. Make sure Enable column sharing is checked
  5. These two options will end being checked for most of your columns.

Click “OK” on the bottom of the Site Definition dialog box and you are ready to get working.

Site Definition dialog window, File View Columns panel

If you are working on varying computers as in classrooms and the CTC, it is handy to export a “.ste” file (site definition). This .ste file can be imported into the copy of Dreamweaver on whichever computer you are using and save time since most of the fields will already be filled out. Avoid uploading your .ste file for security reasons…