DM 171: Week Ten - April 19

Review XML/Spry Transformations

Creative XML files in the morning; mmmmm tasty!


Lightbox2 is one of a number of AJAX frameworks used to display larger images in modal windows. That's Web2 talk for the new version of the popup window to show images. Lightbox2 is easy to use, fairly lightweight, elegant/entertaining, works in modern browsers, and easy to use. Did I mention easy to use? Give the example below a try, click on an imageā€¦

Catapillar Dominos fire Ferris wheel Fuzzy cactus

This week, an in class demo of Lightbox2. Also discuss CDATA

For Next Week…

Bring in your completed XML/Spry transformation assignment to show off to the rest of the class if not already done this week.

Also create an image show using Lightbox2 or one of its clones. You may use the Classic Headlamp images if you wish to add to that assignment or create a new page with your own images. Have fun with it, this one is easy!