DM 171: Week Six - Third Homework Exercise

A Hypothetical Client…

Walks in and wishes to hire you to build them a web site and also wants you to maintain it. They do not care which software you use to construct the site but they would like it to be editable in a regular text editor in case you are not available for updates. They have offered you too much money to reject the job even though you are way too busy with school to take on anything else.

Your Task…

Create an XSSI driven site that will be easy for you to maintain and expand while still keeping up your grades in your classes. The rough comp of the site will be due in two weeks.

Project Specs

Your client gives you some specifications for the site. They would like to have:

  1. Pages
    1. A “Home” page that visitors land on initially.
    2. A “Products” section with three product sub-pages.
    3. An “About Us” page with company information.
    4. A “Contact” page with a form to collect first name, last name, email address, and message; you are only required to format the form and not required to make it a functional contact form.

  2. Content
    1. Your client wants a consistent “look and feel” throughout the site. They leave the general layout to your design skills.
    2. They want a navigation bar or column that has a visual indication of the current location in the site, i.e. when on the home page, the home link will differ from the others.
    3. They want the navigation bar to expand contextually depending on location in the site. Currently, this means that the navigation scheme will expend while in the products section to include links to the separate product pages.
    4. They need a footer for each page that has links to the major site sections, “top” and “back” links, and a copyright declaration covering their content from their first rudimentary site in 2004 through the present year.
    5. Your client gives you a compressed archive with some graphics with thumbnails and a logo file. They are not “wedded” to the logo graphic but do like the wording of the “catch phrase.” Examine the files that you choose to use for web suitability.
    6. Since this is a rough comp, you are not required to create a full blown graphical site. Use the graphics your client gave you to populate the product section/pages and as illustration/highlight graphics for the other pages. You will need to style the content for general typography and your client feels that an 800 pixel overall width will work for the target audience.
    7. Your client promises to provide content text for the pages in an email attachment, please use filler text from to give your pages text for styling.
    8. Your client understands your busy life situation but is so excited that they offer an extra bonus incentive for finishing the rough comp on time!

  3. Bottom Line
    1. Your slender bank account weighs against your crowded life.
    2. You take the job determined to figure out an efficient and flexible way accomplish the task.
    3. You remind yourself that this is a rough comp and does not require any finishing graphical touches but is more concerned with funtionality.
    4. You further remind yourself that you entered the web design field because you thought it would be fun…

Instructor Stipulations

It gets worse; your pesky instructor has a few more requirements!

  1. Put this project into its own directory within your public_html folder on
  2. Use at least two SSIs; one for the navigation scheme and one for the footer.
  3. Use one main include for the navigation scheme that fulfills the visual indicator requirement and the expansion depending on context function.
  4. Make sure that the copyright statement updates itself automatically each year.

This is a two week exercise, bring/upload files to the next meeting for troubleshooting.