DM 171: Week Three - February 22

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CSS Layouts

Ever since the first web developer used an HTML table for layout purposes, everyone has wished for a simpler, more elegant method. CSS layouts offer the promise of a better world and in many ways delivers; that old bug-a-boo of differing browser renderings still adds some bloat to our code.


Understanding how CSS positioning is supposed to function is a great start; learning some of the exceptions and “hacks” will increase your chances of universal browser rendering. It is good to have dreams.
More here…


Floating elements replaces the align attribute for that task; and more…

Layout Medley

So many columns, you'll think corduroy is back in style. Some pros and cons of absolutely positioned and floated columns. More here…


A fun two-week assignment which allows you, the graphic/layout/coding artist, to showcase your imagination. More here…

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