DM 171: Week Two - February 15

**Due to the Presidents’ Day Holiday, we will be covering Week Two’s material during Week One.**

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  • Overview
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Week two is a quick review of CSS selectors, the CSS cascade, and determining specificity of styles. Your style strategy can make your life easier or harder…

We will be playing with a test file and you will be given text and an image to style a page for homework.


This page, Selectors, goes over the ways in which CSS selectors may be defined.

This page, CSS Cascade and Specificity, covers how the cascade works and how to calculate a style’s specificity. Not quite as dry as it sounds…

Right-click or Control-click on this link to download a test file to experiment with some styles.


You will construct an index.html page for your public_html folder on the server. You can find out your login and password procedure under the tab of the Network Access page. This “home” page will have a link to all your other homework assignments.

Your main homework this week is to format “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

  1. Download this text file of The Raven - theraven_poem_only.txt
  2. Use this graphic in your composition - theraven.gif
  3. Create a page that has a heading section, poem section, and footer section
  4. In the heading section, place the title and author of the poem
  5. In the poem section, format the poem
  6. In the footer section, format the attibuting text at the bottom of the text file and add a link back to your homework home (index.html) page.
  7. Use an external style sheet for your style definitions
  8. Upload all files and test your creation by next class.

Helpful Links

Strategic Hint

Use this style to eliminate the browser's built in styles influence on your creation.

* {margin:0; padding:0;}

This trick may have too severe an effect, try looking for "CSS reset" with your favorite search engine for variations on this theme.

Final Words

Have fun!