DM 171: Syllabus

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  • Overview
  • Class Web Site
  • Prerequisites
  • Textbooks
  • Course Work/Grading
  • Class Runtime


Dreamweaver is often used like friendly word processor with its toolbars and panels yet it is so much more. One of the goals of this class is to increase your knowledge of Dreamweaver and how to more efficiently use it. A deeper grasp of CSS and strategic ways of using styles is another goal. CSS layouts and navigation will be covered. Dreamweaver templates and template expressions. Server side includes and extended server side includes. XML transformations to XHTML. AJAX via the Spry framework. And more…

Class Web Site

All class materials, schedule, exercises, tutorials, and resources are found at the class web site:

Since this is a class about web sites, there will be few physical handouts. And given that web sites are constantly changing, printing out the pages too much earlier than the week of the class could give you “stale” information. Check the last line of the footer, it will list the URL of the page and the last date that it was modified.

We also have a Blackboard Learning Systems (hereafter known as Blackboard) site. Blackboard is a web based instructional software that allows entire classes to be housed in its structure; we will be using it mainly for its Discussion and Grades area. Cabrillo’s Blackboard installation is at:


The prerequisite for the class is DM 70 or “equivalent skills.” This means you are expected to have a firm grasp of (X)HTML, CSS, and the Dreamweaver application (currently using CS3/version 9). You should be familiar with working in the Code View of Dreamweaver as well as Design view.

Useful Textbooks

“Required” textbook is somewhat of an oxymoron as far as the web is concerned. The rapid change in technology can outpace the print field all too often. Therefore, these books are listed as useful rather than required. Links are included to their descriptions.

stylin’ with CSS - A Designer's Guide by Charles Wyke-Smith

Very good textbook for Cascading Style Sheets. Not just a reference for selectors/properties/values, stylin’ with CSS is also packed with real world examples and exercises. Lots of CSS strategies as well.

Course Work/Grading

There will be six assignments overall, five of varying types and a final project.

The number of assignments may seem small in comparison with other web classes and that is true. The topics we are covering are more advanced and the extra time will give you the chance to fine tune, troubleshoot, and polish your creations.

All assignments should follow CARP principles and reflect the extra time with appropriate polish.

Class Runtime

Class is scheduled for three hours and five minutes. Class will start with questions from previous lessons, a short critique of current assignments (if applicable), the week’s content, and hands on work for the last hour. Breaks will be interspersed…